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Tangelo | Colorado Sativa Marijuana Strain

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About Tangelo

Tangelo is our very tasty cross of Hawaiian Sunrise  x Gorkle (Hawaiian Urkle x Rebel God Smoke).

Hawaiian Sunrise is a mystery genetic, one we've worked with and loved for years but from the start were unable to nail down the exact genetics. Other than to say it came from a very sunny, beautiful, productive tropical garden on The Big Island. That's never stopped us from loving her bright transcendant high that practically has the terroir of the islands - colorful, easy, relaxing, bright.

We took all that is good and beautiful about her and added even more aloha by crossing her with Gorkle, which contains our "hippie ritalin" Hawaiian Urkle plus the Rebel God Smoke (Cindy 99 x Rugburn OG), which is our fast-finishing sativa-kush crystal factory. The result is as we hoped - still bright, colorful and fun, just with an increased and more well-rounded high that brings it with greater strength into your body but without clouding your mind. Perfect for enjoying sun, nature, coffee on the patio, music and good, easy times.

Nugs are dense and tight!



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