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Tangerine Sunrise | Colorado Sativa Marijuana Strain

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About Tangerine Sunrise

Ranked one of the Top Ten Best Colorado Marijuana Strains of 2014 by William Breathes of Westword Magazine!

Tang is a delicious and nutritious cross of Colorado-born Tangerine Haze x Hawaiian, and the results are excellent.

Pop open the jar and you'll be rewarded with a bright citrus scent that it unmistakeably tangerine. The nugs are long and slender and have a deep coating of crystals which contrast beautifully with the forest green color of the bud. You always know you're looking at Tangerine Sunrise. 

High-wise, TS is a great daytime strain, and those who have tried it always come back for more. Upbeat, clear-headed, fun, energizing. Not to mention tasty, with citrus notes all the way through. A unique strain - and a must-try!

To quote the review, "Tangerine Sunrise. The name says it all. Taking hits of this Tangerine Haze x Hawaiian cross was like sipping fresh-squeezed tangerine juice on the patio of an oceanfront getaway far, far away from the landlocked confines of Colorado. The buds were long and spear-like, with a dark, almost red appearance from the rusty pistils over the tan trichomes. Broken up, the light Haze muskiness came through, even if it wasn't very present in the flavor when smoked -- just pure orange peel. Like most anything this orange-scented that I've tried, this was another super sativa bomb. A house-cleaning, task accomplishing, hunger-inducing medicine packed into one convenient (and tasty) nugget. Its well worth the trip from Denver to Boulder."

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