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Denver 420 Tours – Boulder Dispensary Review

We’d like to give a big shout-out to the fine folks at Denver Party Bus and Denver 420 Tours who just wrote up an outstanding review for Helping Hands Dispensary. Plus they list their favorite shops in Denver if your trip takes you there!

We’re especially grateful because a lot of Colorado Marijuana Tours keep their trips focused around Denver, and go to pre-designated dispensaries. The folks make recommendations but will take you wherever you want to go – and they recommend us highly. There’s no Boulder Dispensary Tours that we know of, so be sure to reach out – it’s really super close and they trip to Boulder all the time.

“Even though the next dispensary isn’t located in the Denver area per say, it’s worth a 25-minute drive from Denver to get there for sure! Helping Hands Dispensary is conveniently located along the beautiful Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, Colorado. Just hop on the 36 west from Denver and you will be there in no time. Parking can be difficult sometimes as the dispensary is actually on the mall but we’ve never had a problem finding a spot within a short distance before. There are a number of reasons why we chose to highlight this particular dispensary. One of those reasons is because Boulder is such a tourist attraction these days that we figured we should have at least one dispensary located near there. The other reason is that this place is the best of the best in Boulder! You will soon be finding out why!

Helping Hands Dispensary services both recreational and medical patients so they have you covered either way. The cannabis flower is pretty much their staple there. Of all the dispensaries on this list, they had perhaps the greatest selection in the state of Colorado. They advertise that they offer roughly 100 strains with 65 of those actually being sold in the store on any given day. With both unique and popular types to keep everyone happy, this dispensary is in a class of its own. They grow all of their marijuana in house which allows them to control the process from seed to bud. Trust us, they know exactly how to grow some of the best marijuana you can find. They also develop their own strains which, in our eyes, makes this place a whole lot cooler! Gupta Kush, Pranayama Kush, and Silverback have been exclusively bred and grown by Helping Hands. Along with their in house bred strains, they also carry a number of name brand types as well. Some of their finest are Chunky Diesel and AK-47. You really can’t really go wrong with whatever you choose to purchase though. They are all finely grown, dried, and cured to perfection. Be sure to ask about their flower specials for that particular day. The day we went there, they were offering 8ths for only $35. Not a bad deal!

They also have a huge selection of great tasting edibles including gluten-free and sugar-free selections just to satisfy any dietary constraints their customers might have. From cookies to THC drinks, they definitely have you all covered in their edibles section.

We could probably end this review right here after mentioning just their flower and edibles but there is a lot more you can get from the Smoke Cartel! Helping Hands also offers concentrates which are also all made in-house so you know they were grown organically. They have a wide assortment of shatter, ear wax, honey oil, budder, flake and solventless hash. They are great alone or as a bowl topper for that extra kick when smoking.

As far as accessories go, there are a number of cheaply priced pipes, papers, containers, and more. If you happen to need seeds, Helping Hands has a sister store located only 20 minutes north of Boulder in a town called Lyons. This sister store is called Bud Depot and they offer their own carefully bred seed selection to the public. Check out their website for constantly updated information on their selection on any given day.

Helping Hands dispensary was a joy to visit. It seems like everyone in there is always in a good mood. Their budtenders are top notch and always have the right strain for your particular needs. Again, this dispensary isn’t in Denver but a lot of customers of ours decide to take their 420 tours through Boulder since it’s right near the mountains. They often ask us what dispensary they should visit while there and we have always told them Helping Hands but now we’re putting it in writing.”

We think highly of taking a tour or party bus since driving while high in Colorado is a very serious offense on par with DUI, not to mention it’s a great way to enjoy yourself without risk.

Get in touch with them for your next trip to Colorado. Denver 420 Tours: (303) 536-7879

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