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by Helping Hands. On Pearl St. Open to public 21+.


Helping Hands Herbals is the original and only home of Gupta Kush, and we have received and continue to welcome press and media inquires from around the world.

Please click here to read our original Press Release launching Gupta Kush.

We are happy to further discuss our newest strain as well as provide expert opinion and commentary on the medical and recreational environments in Colorado including: regulations, taxation, marijuana tourism, Amendment 64, business climate and Federal oversight.

Our expert growers are also invite your inquiries, and look forward to helping the greater population better understand the processes of providing high-quality medical cannabis as a medical alternative.

Our marketing and social media department is happy to entertain any additional comments or questions.

For image usage or custom images, media or tour requests, video or audio clips, interviews, logos, event sponsorship, cannabis consulting/training or further information, don't hesitate to drop us a line. Meantime, our web-ready logo is available below for your convenience.

Helping Hands Herbals
1021 B Pearl St
Boulder CO 80302
(720) 432-4718

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