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Colorado Marijuana Seeds FAQ

Here's answers to the most commonly asked questions we receive about our cannabis seeds. If you've got more on your mind please contact us at or call our Rec shop at (720) 476-6186.

Please Note: We also sell seeds at our Bud Depot Recreational store just up the road in Lyons, CO. Inventory between the stores may vary so please be sure to click here to see Today's Seed Menu.

Do you sell seeds to Recreational customers? Or just Medical?

We sell Recreational seeds "over the counter" to customers over the age of 21 at our Rec stores. We no longer offer "medical" seeds.

I'm not a Colorado resident. Can I still buy seeds?

Yes. Just come to Helping Hands Recreational and bring your valid ID and you'll be good to go. You can be from any state or country, so long as you're 21+.

Do you ship seeds? How about mail order?

No, never. You'll need to come come in and purchase in person. Don't even ask.

Can I take seeds home with me?

Possession of cannabis and cannabis seeds is still illegal under federal law, as well as in most states. Our seeds are intended for medical patients and recreational growers who reside in the fine state of Colorado only. If we believe you're planning to take product out of state you'll be asked to leave the store.

How many packs of seeds can I buy?

As many as you wish.

Do you sell wholesale or fulfill bulk orders?

Yes, we provide wholesale/bulk seeds for licensed Colorado grow operations only. Contact us at for more info.

How much do your seeds cost?

We sell packs of 6 seeds for $72, $90 or $108.

What makes the prices vary?

All our seeds are high quality. Their pricing is reflective of their rarity and exclusivity, the amount of time and investment we have made to bring it to fruition, and where the seeds are in their market life cycle.

Are your seeds feminized?

No, we sell only non-feminized seeds.

Why aren't your seeds feminized?

Our experimentation has shown that the feminized seeds trialed thus far don't pass the rigorous standards that we hold due to the higher occurrence of intersex traits.

What yield should I expect from your seeds?

Yield is significantly determined by anything and everything from your lighting to nutrients to your experience in growing. Our yields are significant and yours will be too if you know what you're doing. It's been said: "The better you grow the more you'll get."

What THC content should I expect from your seeds?

While the THC levels in strains are from at least average to very high, we breed for the most potent overall experience, not just simply the THC level singled out of a larger context.

Focusing solely on THC-levels is an incomplete indicator of the potency of a strain. More is not necessarily better because the effect of a strain on the user depends on a large variety of factors including the full cannabinoid profile, methods of cure, etc, not to mention method of intake. You might get higher on a 15% strain than a 25%er depending on the full spectrum.

That being said, if you're focused on high THC strains, yes, of course, we have high THC strains. Ultimate THC percentages will depend on your grow methods, experience and skill.

Do you sell auto-flowering seeds?

For the highest quality craft cannabis grown in a carefully controlled commercial environment, we don't use auto-flowering plants. So, no, we do not use or sell auto-flowering plants/seeds.

Do you have more seed strains available that are not on your website?

What you see on our website is our current seed offering. But there are always new strains coming available, so check back frequently. Be sure to check our Daily Seed Menu to see what strains are available at all of our stores!

I'm a medical patient in another state and want to buy seeds as a medical patient. Can I do that?


What kind of ID do I need to bring to shop at your Rec Store?

Just like shopping at a liquor store, you'll need a valid photo ID that's undamaged and not expired. You'll need to be 21 or over. It can be a drivers license from any state, a state or military ID, Native American ID or foreign passport.

We examine them very thoroughly, and if it's fake we're obligated by law to confiscate it and turn it over to the police. In fact, we reward our staff with $50 for every fake or mis-used (impersonating someone) ID they confiscate, and boy do they love the extra $50. Don't even try.

I'm a new grower. Are you able to provide help to get me started?

There's so many ways to grow, and every grower has his own secret methods. But all of us started at the beginning by learning from a friend or checking our some amazingly helpful resources. We're able to answer some general/quick questions but for the nuts and bolts on how to grow we have to steer you to recommended books from our favorite authors such as Jorge Cervantes and Greg Green. But to get you started, here's a bit about our germination technique.

How do you germinate your seeds?

Many folks recommend soaking the seeds first. We don't. We simply plant them about a fingernail deep into moistened seed starter or light soil medium. We then keep them in a humidity dome for the first few days and make sure to keep the moisture even with a misting sprayer.

One general guideline is keep them at 80 degrees and 80% humidity until emergence. Most seeds planted in harmony with the moon will crack within 2-4 days, with out-of-phase plantings taking 5-10 days. We remove the dome once all have cracked.

This is all done under 4-light 216 att, T5 fluorescent fixtures with a distance of about 1' to the soil.

What seeds do you have in stock at your stores today?

Check our Daily Seed Menu which will show you what seeds are available at our stores. Feel free to visit our Bud Depot Recreational store in Lyons, too. Inventory may vary from store to store so be sure to visit them both!

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