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Medical Marijuana Healing Stories from Our Patients

We sing the praises of Medical Cannabis all day long at Helping Hands and The Bud Depot and it’s especially sweet when our patients do the same. Here’s how one of our customers, who wishes to remain anonymous, discovered and uses it for her health and wellbeing. Want to tell the story of how marijuana has been a part of your life?

What method do you use for ingestion to help with your physical or mental health issues?

My husband and I started to experiment with different types of cannabis, buds, and edibles, drinks etc. Neither of us likes to smoke so we opt for edibles. It has changed our lives.

My Dr had been trying to give me many different kinds of anti-depressants because he insisted that my pain was all in my head and not from anything really physical. But I have a curvature of the spine, hip dysplasia, and fibromyalgia, extreme fatigue and terrible insomnia…had them all my life. I refused to take the anti-depressants (boy did I have resentment towards the medical profession for not taking my pain seriously) Anyway, I now use cannabis exclusively for pain and with the pain relief that I get from it plus the great ZZZZ’s I no longer even go to the Dr’s. Why should I? They have their minds made up about what’s wrong or not wrong with me and I disagree with them 100%.

I love the way the Indica relaxes me and helps me sleep. I never feel groggy from it after I wake up the way I did with the anti-depr. Since I sleep better I have more energy and am able to do more everyday. My husband has been able to reduce his prescriptions for pain killers by using edibles. When I see how pain free and happy he is after he uses pot I could almost cry with joy for him? Thanks to all the people who sacrificed and never gave up so that pot could become legal here.

Anything else you’d like to share?

My heart breaks for those people who have been arrested and jailed for the use of marijuana. When I use it and get the relief I seek I know that the government has lied to us. I feel they are the ones who are criminals because they lied about pot and ruined so many innocent lives by criminalizing it. Thanks again to all those who helped make it legal. Let’s make it legal for everyone!

Are there specific go to products/strains that you’ve found that help you? How about CBDs?

I did try CBD’s but got much better pain relief and sleep from indica edibles. I love the drinks most of all because they seem to get into my system so much faster than edibles.

What’s been the result of your cannabis use?

Life changing! I’ve been in pain my whole life from the fibromyalgia. I was longing for death, not suicidal as my Dr assumed me to be but longing to be free of the pain that has plagued my life. I no longer long for death because my pain and lack of sleep have been taken care of by the pot. My husband just worked an 80 hour week. He came home, ate an edible and is relaxed and happy as if he hadn’t worked so many hours.

When and why did you start to use cannabis?

One day I was fasting. I sat next to my husband on the sofa who was in a great deal of pain (knee replaced and two back surgeries). I knew he was starting to use pot for pain relief but I was not happy about that. My stomach hurt because I was fasting. Suddenly it dawned on me that all I had to do to end my stomach ache was eat, but my husband had to deal with his pain 24/7and work every day as well.

In that moment I had a change of heart, compassion for my husband opened my mind to anything that would alleviate his suffering. Since I am in constant pain from many different illnesses as well I decided to give pot a try too. I was amazed at the pain relief! I was also amazed at the piece of mind that came with being relieved of my pain.

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