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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between the Medical & Recreational stores?

Our medical store accepts patients 18+ with a state-issued Medical Marijuana Card; To shop in the Recreational store you must be 21+ (no med card required).

Our medical store has Boulder’s 8%  sales tax; the Recreational store has a 23% sales tax

Medical marijuana stores can sell pure CBD products, whereas Recreational stores must have THC in their products.

Medical patients can buy up to two ounces of product; Recreational shoppers can buy up to one ounce of product.

Medical patients can designate Helping Hands as their primary caregiver and in exchange we provide them with ‘Member Benefits’ and ‘Member Pricing’.

What are your Membership Benefits?

Receive a $50 credit to take off of a purchase of $100 or more (one-time use)

Member gram program – Receive a 10¢ gram every 7 days with any medicated purchase

Member pricing on any strain ALL DAY, EVERYDAY! *$110 oz/ $80 half oz/ $50 quarter/ $25 eighth/ $10 gram*

Bargain Bin Special- Hit $100 in a transaction? Pick out a $5 eighth and a $1 gram from our bargain bin

Renewing your membership with us? Collect a 10¢ eighth on us!

My medical card is expiring soon – how do I renew it?

Renewing your card requires the same physician certification and state application process as your first card. Please refer to the website for further information.

Is your cannabis grown with 100% organic nutrients?

We use 100% organic nutrients and pesticides. We grow in an organic, live soil, with probiotic teas as a top-dressing.

I’m interested in Pure CBD Products, but I don’t have my medical card!

No problem! The pure CBD companies we carry in our medical store can be shipped to your home! Even out of state! How? Because there is NO THC (what get’s you high) in any of their products!

Rocket                                CBD Capsules

Charlotte’s Web                           CBD Tinctures

Natures Love                            CBD Tinctures

Mary’s Nutritionals          CBD Topicals, Tinctures, Patches & Capsules

Lacuna                            CBD Topicals

Fay Farm                                 CBD Topicals

I’m a medical patient in another state and want to buy seeds as a medical patient. Can I do that?

Unfortunately Colorado does not honor out of state medical licenses nor can any cannabis bought in Colorado cross state lines, including seeds.

I’m 18, can I shop in your medical store?

Yes! We serve customers 18+ with a valid government issued ID and a Colorado medical marijuana card!

How do I get a medical card?

You must be a Colorado state resident and obtain a medical marijuana card though a medical marijuana doctor, we recommend Dr. Joe Cohen at Holos Health.

Do you sell seeds to Recreational customers? Or just Medical?

We sell Recreational seeds “over the counter” to customers over the age of 21 at our Rec stores. We no longer offer “medical” seeds.

Do you have any doctor recommendations?

We have long recommended Dr. Joe Cohen and his practice, Holos Health. All of the doctors at Holos Health will give you a quality consultation surrounding your medical issues and provide suggestions for products and dosage.

We also highly recommend Dr Rav Ivker at Fully Alive Medicine.

Can I tip my budtenders?

Yes! Tipping is greatly appreciated but not at all required

Still have a Medical Marijuana Question?

Ask a question.

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