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The Pure and Rosin Tech by DrX Colorado

Helping Hands Recreational Dispensary in Boulder is now carrying DrX marijuana concentrates including The Pure, Rosin Tech and IceWax. They make an excellent addition to our already excellent selection of shatter, wax, hash, and oils from the biggest names in the business like LiveResin, Happy Camper, Ebbu and more.

  • The Pure: 100% decarboxylated, distilled concentrate. Imagine a concentrate so pure it’s been evaporated to remove all impurities and unneeded material. The exact methods are a trade secret, but we can tell you this dab-able/vape-able goo is beautiful – nearly translucent and probably one of the purest forms of cannabis any of us have ever experienced. The only way we can describe it was like it was an extreme sativa and extreme indica coexisting and in our body-mind at the same time and redefining our definition of the word “high.”
  • Rosin Teck: A pure, solvent-free extract made from our own chemical-free buds and trim, made by taking what’s essentially bubble hash, then heat-pressing it till it has the consistency of shatter but the color or dark bubble hash. For dab or vaping. Deep rich flavor, massive high.
  • Ice Wax. Heady bubble hash in a granular form made using an old-school ice-bath method that frees up the kief and brings with it a nice, rich flavor, big thick clouds of smoke and a high reminiscent of Moroccan hashish. If you’re not ready for a full-on massive concentrate like the ones above, this is a beautiful alternative.

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