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Recreational Cannabis Seeds Now Available in Boulder

After being prohibited for many long months by Boulder regulators, Recreational Marijuana Seeds may now be sold in Rec Dispensaries – and Helping Hands is back in full swing.

We were one of the first shops to offer seeds to the public (21+, with valid ID, of course), and it was a great pleasure to welcome home/hobby growers and commercial cultivators when we opened our Rec shop last year. We prided ourselves on being a great local resource for those looking to learn more about growing, and it was a major blow to us when seed sales got nicked.

But a recent change of heart by the Boulder Attorney General was announced this week and we are once again allowed to sell our beautiful little magic beans. The sweetness for seed shoppers is that we are one of the few places in the world where you can actually come in, buy some bud and try the strains, and if you like it you can come back and buy the seeds. We don’t always have the seed strains’ bud in the store, but we often do! Ask the budtender if there’s the amazing opportunity to check out the buds.

The majority of seed sales are illicit, and are conducted online from seed banks in Europe. Not only are they very expensive, there’s the serious risk of them getting caught in customs – not to mention that they’re notoriously unreliable. (A grower in another state recently recountfed that the $25 seed he bought turned out to actually be for industrial hemp).

We’d like to think that with so many things here that we’re keeping it local, keeping it legal, paying taxes, and offering the public the opportunity exercise their right to grow cannabis at home in Colorado. Plus we focus on unique strains that many folks have never seen or heard of before, so we’re also introducing a whole new ream of amazing new genetics into the marketplace.

We’re excited to welcome our Rec seed shoppers back to Helping Hands. We appreciate your patience as we navigate the uncertain business environment that is weed in Boulder.

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